City in the Rough IV

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wasteland mostly finished


I think I inserted this image incorrectly. Which just goes to show, as soon as you think you know what you’re doing, you’re going to mess it up.

This is the beast that I turned in for my American Landscapes assignment. Before anyone questions how I managed to create Fallout3-porn for a finals assignment, let me tell you: I am clever!

We had to read an essay early on in the class by Phillip Fisher called Hard Facts – Setting and Form in the American Novel. I found myself reading it and wondering how the essay would have read if he’d included things like zombie-apocalypse, and “after the bomb” fiction.

I want to say that I was able to talk the teacher into letting me write the essay (and paint the painting) because I was using Fisher as a model, but I think the honest truth is that sometimes teachers get bored with reading the same old-same old, and they’ll let you try things out if it sounds interesting. Either way, there’s the painting.

Also, I’ll have to take some detail shots (and learn how to photograph wet paint so it doesn’t glare so much) to show what I’m going to do to this painting next, when it dries.

Also-also, (if you’re into this nerdy-art stuff) I am totally planning on getting some new oil mediums, and I am super excited to try them out! They’re hand-blended, or hand-ground, or “hand” something. I’ve been using a mystery oil medium that I made, and while it’s pretty good, I’m starting to run out of it. I want to say it was (after looking through all my crappy notes) just a traditional blend of OMS (gamsol) and refined linseed (gamblin) – I can’t remember the mixture either. 50/50? No, too much gamsol breaks down the binding, so maybe 40/60? I’ve no idea. I think (maybe?) I might have added a little gelkid in there too, but… maybe not?

Really, I just want to buy some medium, and keep a receipt so I know what to get when I run out. Alchemy is really something I shouldn’t be trusted with. Someday I’ll tell you all the full story about how I made black oil, and what a bitch it was finding asbestos to cook on (I never found any) and how hard it is to find powdered lead (I DID find this) and how agonizing it is trying not to breathe while cooking it, ( …this may explain some things, really) while waiting for the oil and the lead to simmer and turn from a bright orange (who knew?!) into a black.

Actually, maybe not telling the full story is better. This way your imagination can fill in the rest. That makes it YOUR story, and that’s way better than anything I can give you. Just, uh, know that I have a bottle of black lead medium that I’m too afraid to use.

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  1. Love the painting!

    • Thank you! I was list making last night, and I told myself that today I was going to finish the dang thing. There’s that one teeny little building that is still just the red of the underpainting that I need to finish working.

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