Ceramics aren’t as bad as you’d think

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I’ve been going from the school’s ceramic studio to my home painting studio, and back and forth, these past two weeks. I have only today sat down and started working on the next Vagus storyline art, and I came to the realization that I have forgotten how to draw.

I also had to shamefully deny a classmate when he suggested that I did not belong in Intro to Ceramics. In my defense: I put an excessive amount of time into my projects (I was at the open studio everyday), and I plan heavily, and I construct things in a very methodical sort of way. Also, one of the key foundations of my artistic belief is that if you try something really, incredibly, unreasonably difficult and fail at it, people have to cut you slack because it was way out of your skill zone anyways. So I tend to overshoot, just so I can sort of still get somewhere.*

Occasionally things work out spectacularly well for me, and other times, well, they work out less well.

I will take photos tomorrow.


* I didn’t know where to go with that metaphor. Analogy? Comparison? Thingy. Whatever. It is late, and I am very, very, tired.

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