A few things

In Typo’d Comic world:

  1. The Vagus Street Rehabilitation Project – We had sent off a collection of issues 1-4 to be printed into one, standard sized issue, and it just arrived today from the printer! John’s almost done proofing it, and when he is, we’ll be ordering a bunch so we’ll have them soon!
  2. I just finished posting the last page for book one of All the Growing Things! I also realized today that my font size is too big to look nice when printed, so I’m going to be heading back to re-size all that stuff so that we can get ready to submit book one for printing! I’m pretty excited about this! (Well, about the printing, not so much about the resizing stuff.)

Conventions we’ll be at:

October 6th we’ll be at the Albuqeruqe Zine Fest at The Kosmos/Factory on Fifth
October 27 – 28 we’ll be at the New Mexico Tri-Con

Hm. October is looking a little busy, doesn’t it? Yikes. This is what happens when your husband is in charge of scheduling (on the other hand, if I were in charge of scheduling, I’d just hide in my bathroom and cry).

That’s it for now! Later alligators!



Late again!

New All the Growing Things comic page will up later on Thursday- probably sometime in the afternoon.  I’m having an incredibly hard time with one particular panel, and I spent more time than I should have on trying to implement a store front into this site.

I’m also still in the middle of trying to figure out what I want to make me feel like this site is pretty. Do I want a repeating background image, or a big splashy background image? I’m so indecisive, and that’s been holding me back as well.

I have so many things to post, but not enough web-craftiness to get me there on time. Hang on kids, it’ll happen sooner or later. Well, okay, “later.” I guess we DID establish that it would be “later.”

You know what I mean, I hope.


Holy crap. I launched my kickstarter just now. I’m sort of on the numb side of freaked out. I also have some paintings I need to finish. Here are some of the awesome things you can get if you pledge monies …besides, of course, the awesomeness of having a real-world copy of All the Growing Things hanging out on your bookshelf.

Some paintings:

Some hand-pulled artist prints like those above. Or maybe a painting of Butthole Cat, if you’re wanting to really shell out that much money on a cat. I mean, it IS a painted cat, so that makes it a “better” cat by default, but still…

Or maybe you want a painting of a plant zombie? Those are pretty cool. They’re a little small (4 inches square) but they’re all the more precious because of that. Aren’t they?

I’ve also some works in progress, and of course, there’s always the more modest contributions, up to and TOTALLY including just telling someone you know about this project. Really, everything helps.

Some works in progress, (BEHOLD MY CAMERA SKILLS!):


Oh geez. I beg. I beg like a dog. Please, please, please tell people about this kickstarter project for me. I’m terrible at advertising. It was my worst subject in Graphic Design school. I can barely accept compliments, and talking about myself – advertising – congeals in my throat until all I can croak out is the word “awesome.”

Occasionally I can say “totally.”


On the good news front though, I AM working again on updating All the Growing Things. Regardless of what happens at the Comic con this weekend (booth D-17 if you’re around), or with the Kickstarter project, I’m going to get back on schedule next week. It will be awesome. Totally awesome.

Alternating mediums – wtf was I thinking?!

Updated All the Growing Things today, and mused a little bit (only a little bit) on violence as a means for covering lack of plot problems.

I’m still working on the Vagus page for Friday, but I haven’t really any idea what posessed me to try different types of mediums to tell the Vagus stories. For one thing, it’s challeging enough to illustrate a story someone else has written (especially since I always tend to feel that I’m letting other people down no matter what I do), but then I add to that with using “experimental” drawing techniques. *shakes head* It was a good idea that I’m just not sure I’m up to delivering on.

And the experimental techniques aren’t really all that experimental. Oh, sure, Musk was pretty experimental, for me. I used a heavy weight drawing paper, and then illustrated in dark grey, black, and white crayons, then went back in and scratched out details. That was pretty neat. But this current story is just using the Corel version of oil painting… it doesn’t react quite like using a digital medium, and it sure doesn’t act quite like using actual oil… as a master of neither, I’m sort of slipping and sliding all over the place, and I can’t quite seem to find my footing.

Thank goodness the next Vagus story is (I think?) going to be the straight up comic style again.

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