This is what I’ve been doing

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Where the real estate is cheap, but the insurance is outrageous!

John and I are working on a new comic called Era of Great Wonders. He tends to describe it as “Ken Burns presents: Giant Monsters,” but I tend to describe it as “how hard is it to draw simplistic buildings – wtf?! I’m so tired and why is this taking so long?!”

His description is what we use when we talk to bookstores and comic fans, but I think mine is a little more accurate. I’ve finished the first few pages, but still want to get a little more ready before I start posting them online.

Combined with our other two projects, All the Growing Things and Vagus Street (Vagus which is almost completely collected, and both of which I’m also starting new storylines on), I’ve been sort of crazypants. We’re also getting into convention season, which means that I’m going to be spending time, in public, where there are people.

I’ve also been gardening, but  I’m going to wait until things fill in a little better though before I start posting any photos of that stuff – right now while my yard doesn’t look like a moonscape, it also doesn’t look like anything I want to take photos of either. Maybe I just need to be better about cropping my photos then?

Ah well, back to the arting around.

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