Giveaway Winners, Shipping, and Other Craziness

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I just got the list of winners from Goodreads. Man, they (the Goodreads people) are REALLY on the ball when it comes to their stuff! I can’t believe how nice they are to talk to (I had to have extra help because I don’t have an ISBN yet, and they helped me fake one until the giveaway was over.) They pretty much walked me step-by-step on how to do things, and then when I still sort of just flailed around, they were able to go in and fix things for me. Seriously, they are awesome!

I’m going to ship out the books today, after my shift at the soup kitchen.

Okay, and speaking of shipping: I try to keep detailed notes on who I’ve shipped to (especially after those tragic three weeks where I ran out of books) but if you haven’t received a book from me, and you were supposed to, LET ME KNOW! I ship things media mail because I’m a poor college student (and an artist to boot) but the post office people told me that there’s tracking included in the media mail, but then another post office person told me that while the numbers were there, they weren’t necessarily tracked, so… I don’t know what any of that means. But the fact remains: LET ME KNOW if you don’t get something, and I’ll make it right, alright?

(I like saying, “right, alright.” I should probably stop that.)

Other Craziness: after filling out the labels to ship these (I hand write them), I sort of forgot halfway through what my address was, and how to write it correctly. It’s sort of like when you write one word, and you keep staring at it to the point where it becomes a nonsensical mishmash of shapes and lines. So if you receive a package in the mail and it looks  like I forgot my address… it’s because I did.

I have one week (and two days) before I have to hang my BFA show. I’m sort of going crazy right now (because I have about 9 paintings that still need fixing), so please bear with me. I will be sane again after the 10th of March. I hope.

Pros and Cons

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Back from the holidays!

John and I are getting ready for the upcoming year, which promises to be a pretty big one for us. (Which really just goes to show that “big” is relative, I guess!)


We’re starting 2013 off at a workshop at the Stranger Factory. Jimmy Palmiotti will there to teach all of us lucky ticket holders how to sell and market our work. I’m not sure what to expect, exactly, but having gone to a few of the other Stranger Factory workshops, I know it will be incredibly awesome!


Then the week after that, we’re heading over to the Albuquerque Comic Convention January 12 and 13 where I hope we’ll be slinging some new All the Growing Things trade-paper-backs. The timing is tight on the TPB, but I’ll let y’all know when it happens, as soon as it happens.

And then. Ugh, and then. School starts back up again on the 14th. I am all kinds of not ready, but then again, it’s my last semester ever unless I mess this up. School-wise I have finished another two paintings, and by “finished” I mean, “First pass done, still lots of work to go.”

Some first passes:

I’m currently trying to figure out how to make All the Growing Things and the first Vagus Collection all nice and pretty in a digital formats so y’all can read it on your gadgets. I’m having problems with borders on the awz files, and I’m thinking I should keep some of the double pages as doubles, rather than how I chopped them for singles for printing. Hm. Lots of thoughts, and lots of projects to go.

A few things

In Typo’d Comic world:

  1. The Vagus Street Rehabilitation Project – We had sent off a collection of issues 1-4 to be printed into one, standard sized issue, and it just arrived today from the printer! John’s almost done proofing it, and when he is, we’ll be ordering a bunch so we’ll have them soon!
  2. I just finished posting the last page for book one of All the Growing Things! I also realized today that my font size is too big to look nice when printed, so I’m going to be heading back to re-size all that stuff so that we can get ready to submit book one for printing! I’m pretty excited about this! (Well, about the printing, not so much about the resizing stuff.)

Conventions we’ll be at:

October 6th we’ll be at the Albuqeruqe Zine Fest at The Kosmos/Factory on Fifth
October 27 – 28 we’ll be at the New Mexico Tri-Con

Hm. October is looking a little busy, doesn’t it? Yikes. This is what happens when your husband is in charge of scheduling (on the other hand, if I were in charge of scheduling, I’d just hide in my bathroom and cry).

That’s it for now! Later alligators!



While I was gone…

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(Part one)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, which is another way of saying, “I’ve some art to share that I’ve been forgetting to post.” First, some photos of my work area. Below: computer set-up with dog, kindle, and Spider Buddha.

Another photo, this time with copious amounts of cat hair on the floor! Also, another dog, and some paintings.

Finally, my “big” painting area. I’ve not had much time to work over here; I keep telling myself that I can spend some time on it later if I finish up all my other drawings and things first, but as we all know, the last think on your t0-do list never gets done.

I had been working on combining wood-burning and pen and ink drawing on this (below) piece.

I am also thinking I’d like to add a little bit of paint on it, but since I’m afraid of messing it up, I decided to take a photo of it BEFORE I do anything crazy. I’m not entirely sure how to convince myself that it’s okay to do mixed-media, but I’m trying. Baby steps. Baby steps.

I have another piece of wood that is a similar size to this one, and I am currently sketching out some more western-esque zombies. I think the flower of choice that I’ll be using on that drawing will be desert mallow. I’ve been seeing a lot of mallow all over the place, (not necessarily in bloom or anything,) so I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I have a friend that grow the stuff by choice, which at first I thought was weird because I always thought it was a weed.

But then again, I find most dandelions to be very pretty, so what do I know about weeds?

Below is a painting I did for my kickstarter, but I’m not sure I ever posted images of it. There was a certain point in the kickstarter where I realised that adding more paintings was probably not going to help me, unless I added a ton of them. And I’m too slow for that sort of thing, so here is one.

I like “works-in-progress” so that’s what I tried to do here. Red underpainting:

Sky and part of grub blocked in:

As you can see from the above grub part of the painting, I tend to just dab in the colors I think I might want, and then I blur them out later so they’re not so impressionistic. Below the grub is starting to blend together:

What I finally ended up with:

I read an interesting article awhile back, about how to lace lights and darks against each other, and I think I’m going to have to go back and reread it. I don’t really care for the way the light flowers look against the light sky, and I think I need to do something there that is… not this.

That is it for now. Back to drawing comics!


Holy crap. I launched my kickstarter just now. I’m sort of on the numb side of freaked out. I also have some paintings I need to finish. Here are some of the awesome things you can get if you pledge monies …besides, of course, the awesomeness of having a real-world copy of All the Growing Things hanging out on your bookshelf.

Some paintings:

Some hand-pulled artist prints like those above. Or maybe a painting of Butthole Cat, if you’re wanting to really shell out that much money on a cat. I mean, it IS a painted cat, so that makes it a “better” cat by default, but still…

Or maybe you want a painting of a plant zombie? Those are pretty cool. They’re a little small (4 inches square) but they’re all the more precious because of that. Aren’t they?

I’ve also some works in progress, and of course, there’s always the more modest contributions, up to and TOTALLY including just telling someone you know about this project. Really, everything helps.

Some works in progress, (BEHOLD MY CAMERA SKILLS!):


Oh geez. I beg. I beg like a dog. Please, please, please tell people about this kickstarter project for me. I’m terrible at advertising. It was my worst subject in Graphic Design school. I can barely accept compliments, and talking about myself – advertising – congeals in my throat until all I can croak out is the word “awesome.”

Occasionally I can say “totally.”


On the good news front though, I AM working again on updating All the Growing Things. Regardless of what happens at the Comic con this weekend (booth D-17 if you’re around), or with the Kickstarter project, I’m going to get back on schedule next week. It will be awesome. Totally awesome.

100 Ways to Procrastinate!

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Well, only two of them, really.

First thing first: Danielle Miller was kind enough to give me two 8′ x 4′ giant boards to paint on! Me being me (which translates to me being too afraid to paint over the things she’d already painted on them), I stretched canvas over the boards, and then obsessively gessoed and sanded the canvas.

Now the canvas is so pretty I took a picture.

I also thought it’d be fun for you all to see what my studio now looks like. Mind you, I only took a photo of the clean part of the studio, and I carefully made sure you don’t see the floor or any of that stuff either. But I included the dog. Dogs are a vital part of every studio, I think.

Also, I tend to squirt the dog, not as a corrective or behaviour sort of squirt, but rather in the sense of a practical joke. She doesn’t think it’s all that funny but then the victims of practical jokes never do, do they?

Procrastination Number TWO: I’m getting ready to set up a Kickstarter project, and I’m working on some of the rewards:

These are some of the hand-pulled prints I’ll be making. I’m not actually a printer (in the artsy sense) so I really don’t know if they’re called “hand-pulled” or not, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? I guess I could also call them “Organic, Free-Range, Art Items” or something similar. I still need to create a fifth one. Then I’ll test them all out to see if they print alright, and if they don’t I’ll redraw a different one.

If you’re into knowing how things are made, these are actually styrofoam food take-away cartons that I’ve cut down. I then draw on them with a ballpoint pen. I’m trying a new thing where I use a micro pen – I want to see if I can get more detail than I’ve previously been getting. That’s not to say they don’t come out awesome, because they do, but I tend to like to cram as much detail into things as I can.

Hm… I guess that’s THREE ways to procrastinate, now that I think of it, if we count working on this post! Still, I’ve some essays to write for tomorrow, and I’ve two comic pages to draw for tomorrow and Friday.

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