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WordPress does not recognize “caffeination” as an actual word. But google does, and I’m gonna go with that. Also, I’ve had two cups of coffee in the past three hours, so I’m crazy wound up. Caffeine is a magic wonder drug that I should never be allowed unfettered access to.

I had been planning for a few months to have an art show at the local coffee shop in December, but my friend Reyes (who runs the art scheduling at the shop) asked me to show in October, and… well, October is here now!

We ended up hanging my giant All the Growing Things paintings that I’d done a few years back. The reason this is exciting is because these paintings have NEVER been seen hung together because they’re just so monstrously big. Normally I don’t like showing art that’s already been shown, but I feel this counts as a “new” show because… well… never before seen together.

I took a few snapshots, but it’s with my camera phone, so I’m very sorry about the quality. (And the lack of photography skill… I just can’t seem to really understand photography.)

Reyes is unafraid of the ladder.

I feel like I should also elaborate: Reyes is not just unafriad of the ladder, he is also willing to lean WAY OUT and stretch to reach things that normal people would… just move the ladder. He is also willing to balance the ladder on things that should never have a ladder balanced upon them.

ALL SIX! - Never before hung together!

At one point while we were finishing hanging these up a couple came in to see them because they were driving by, and saw them through the window, and felt the need to pull over and see them up close! That’s… an amazing compliment, I think.

View from the Street

Look how shiny and glittery! It’s actually very striking when seen in the really real world, or… when photographed by a real photographer. Still, think of these like family snapshots: not great, but still sentimental!

Opening is tomorrow night, and they offered me free coffee while I’m there for the opening.

I may never sleep again.


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