Setup (part2: software)

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I typically draw most of my comics digitally. The practicality of being able to copy layers and save files before trying various techniques makes up for almost all the intimacy and pleasure of drawing traditionally. While I still try my … Continued

Setup (part 1)

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I need to stop writing posts in the evening, where everything I say is along the lines of, “I’m so tired, blah blah blah, whine whine whine.” So, I’m gonna write this now, instead. I’d been talking to a couple … Continued

Borderlands 2 Sketches

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I’m still not sure I’ve recovered from ACE yet, but I’m slowly getting back into gear (I mean, it’s only been a week and a half!) and I wanted to share some sketches I’ve been working on. Most of the … Continued

Era branding

I’m still not done with it, and it’s kind of hard to read, but I’ve been working on the Era website.  I split the cover of the second book and added a top background image and a bottom background image. … Continued

New Header

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Welp, that didn’t go as planned. Ideally, I wanted the art to extend beyond the sides of the browser, but I can’t seem to get a small enough that is also large enough (horizontally) to do that. I also need … Continued

Moar Monsters (part 3)

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I’m a little worried this will never be finished, and when i finally do flip my keyboard over and walk away from it in disgust, it won’t look like I want it to either. An important lesson: nothing is as … Continued

Moar Monsters (part2 of ?)

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I’m STILL working on this crazy banner. There’s a certain point where I start to feel as if I’m just doing busy work, treading water, and that none of this matters. The urge to work on comics is overwhelming, but … Continued

Red Harvest Hater (a mild rant)

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I’ve been reading a bunch of Dashiell Hammett’s stuff since I found an old trade paperback of “The Continental Op” on one of John’s bookshelves a few months ago. I tore through it, and sort of fell in love with … Continued

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