At a Loss

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I’m still trying to blog more, but I’m just at a loss as to what to talk about really. Other than work or things I’m reading and/or watching, so I guess, well, I guess that’s what I’ll talk about.

I’m currently trying to procrastinate working on more css stuff for wordpress. Well, I’m not procrastinating exactly, mostly I’m just prioritizing blogging a little more than css stuff. Which is stuff I tend to get easily frustrated with, mostly because I’m not as detail oriented as a proper web person should be.

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately, mostly because I can’t figure out what to put on in the background while I work. Technically I don’t need anything on in the background (I’m more productive when I work in silence) but I’ve been needy and whiny lately, and the noisy background helps with that. Or, that’s my excuse anyways.

I watched an interesting documentary, Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance that I thought was pretty good. It raised some questions, but for the most part, what a great character for a horror story that guy would make! Just the sheer hatred and lack of regret, it was pretty intense.

In the vein of wanting to watch more things about serial killers (a subject I really don’t know much about, given my strange love for tv crime shows) I somehow ended up watching first The House I Live In which has nothing to do with serial killers, and then Hot Coffee which is also not about serial killers, unless you want to be all metaphorical, and then yeah, I guess it is.

The House I Live In is about the failure of the drug war and it’s particularly fascinating because it talks to a lot of cops and sheriffs who feel that the drug war has really ruined honest police work. The drug war makes everything about arrests, even if they’re minor arrests, rather than about catching murderers and things that take long term detective work. Another interesting fact is that most people assume that the drug war takes place overseas, rather than right in your own neighborhood.

Hot Coffee talks about how media and corporations have turned legitimate lawsuits into frivolous lawsuits, and after seeing what happened to that lady who spilled the Mc Donald’s coffee on her… yeah, if I’d been on the jury, I’d have awarded her the money too. (That’s another thing people forget: her peers saw what happened to her, and awarded her the money -two days worth of coffee sales from Mc Donald’s) and people treat her like a joke. Looking at how she needed skin grafts and surgery, and that’s not a joke anymore. Not even slightly. Tort reform is also fascinating, as are Mandatory Arbitration contracts are also scary fascinating as well!

Reading-wise, I’m on more fun pulpy stuff. I’m reading the last of the Emperor’s Edge series, and am sort of frustrated that I can’t read faster, but on the other hand I’m sort of glad because I don’t want leave the Emperor’s Edge world.

So, that’s me for now. Sorry if it’s boring.

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