Albuquerque Comic Expo wrap-up

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Just a quick post before I dive into painting for a few hours:

I survived my first comic convention! I’d been to a couple gaming conventions before, but mostly as a tag-along who was just trying to get into a Deadlands or Call of Cthulhu game (turns out those all filled up way before I ever showed up to even pick up my badge.)

Our friend Will helped John and I through-out the whole convention, and was very good at talking to people and handing out flyers. We handed out lots of flyers for our All the Growing Things kickstarter, and a LOT of mini-comics for the Vagus Street Project.

I also met with tons of amazing people. I also saw some really amazing costumes – I had my camera, but I was a little too overwhelmed to take photos. The ones that probably amazed me the most were the people in furry suits. I’d never actually seen a furry in costume before, so it was stunning to me how they got the legs to actually look like wolf legs (you know, where the leg has that “dog leg” angle to it) and how they created a fluffy sort of musculature to the whole costume. They looked like walking cartoon wolves and were super neat and later when I talked to some of their crew, they were also super nice!

I also learned that I need to hang out with the7000 BC crew.

I ALSO need to get a little more aggressive about meeting deadlines on my webcomics. Er… sorry about that.

So for now: I will work on my kickstarter paintings, and then get some All the Growing Things comics ready for their Tuesday update!


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