Accidentally Teaching Dogs to Garden

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I accidentally taught my dogs to garden (as the title of the post suggests) and I have to admit: none of us are any good at it.

I once read an article about a guy who taught his dog to sniff out and dig up weeds and other undesirable things in his garden, but my dogs are not those dogs. Instead Murakami tends to just sort of dig everywhere, and because she’s a bit lazy (like myself) she prefers to dig where I’ve either just dug, or where the ground is a little softer (as it is when you’ve just been watering it. Either way, there tends to be a flurry of activity where I’ve planted sprouts and tender little plants, and things don’t always go as well as they could have.

And I don’t know, maybe Murakami has always been a digger, in her heart, and maybe she didn’t learn it from watching me dig around in the yard. I really don’t know.

I try to put a positive spin on it, such as, “This is something we can do together: you dig, I’ll fill in the hole” but sometimes it’s a little frustrating; she recently took out a bunch of baby dill plants that I had high hopes for. Mind you, it’s September, and I’ve no idea if they’d have survived the winter, but it’s a fact that they did not survive the dog.

Digging is more fun in the flowerbed!

As for Ripley, she’s not much of a digger. She’s more of a harvester. I rarely get to see things through to their final harvest as Ripley is a little more diligent of a gardener than I am, even if she is a little more impatient.

She first started gardening when she saw me pick a cantaloupe out of the garden (one of two that I’ve only ever been able to get out of my own garden) and after she realized how amazing cantaloupes were (I tend to share a little of everything I eat with the dogs, sort of like living with a taxman), she immediately went out and harvested the only other melon that I’ve ever successfully grown.

Ever since then it’s been impossible to keep her out of the strawberries or pears.

Last year I went out as saw that all the pears had little fang marks in them like vampire victims from where she’d been “checking them” for ripeness.

Almost Ready for Harvest!

I’m sure there’s more examples of bad-dog-gardening, but I can’t think of any right now (it’s been a bit of a long -and productive!- day,) so this is all any of us gets.

Well, except for the dogs, who get away with just about everything.

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