A few things

In Typo’d Comic world:

  1. The Vagus Street Rehabilitation Project – We had sent off a collection of issues 1-4 to be printed into one, standard sized issue, and it just arrived today from the printer! John’s almost done proofing it, and when he is, we’ll be ordering a bunch so we’ll have them soon!
  2. I just finished posting the last page for book one of All the Growing Things! I also realized today that my font size is too big to look nice when printed, so I’m going to be heading back to re-size all that stuff so that we can get ready to submit book one for printing! I’m pretty excited about this! (Well, about the printing, not so much about the resizing stuff.)

Conventions we’ll be at:

October 6th we’ll be at the Albuqeruqe Zine Fest at The Kosmos/Factory on Fifth
October 27 – 28 we’ll be at the New Mexico Tri-Con

Hm. October is looking a little busy, doesn’t it? Yikes. This is what happens when your husband is in charge of scheduling (on the other hand, if I were in charge of scheduling, I’d just hide in my bathroom and cry).

That’s it for now! Later alligators!



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