2013 Comicon Loot

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So last weekend was the Albuquerque Comic Con. It was pretty dang fun, and I found a lot of really cool stuff that I just had to have! This is a small sampling of what I came away with – some t-shirts, stickers, comics, and some original pieces of art:

Sweet, sweet loot!

For those of you that can’t tell what all this stuff is from my amazing photograph skills alone, I have made a guide!

Sweet sweet guide!

1. Fallout Vault Boy sticker. I have no idea where my husband found this, but it’s awesome. So awesome that I don’t know where to put it. I don’t think I own anything worthy of such a sticker

2. Metal the Brand sticker!

3. Metal the Brand t-shirt. I saw that he also had anatomy t-shirts, but I hadn’t seen those until later in the con, and I’d already gotten the maggots shirt. If you get a chance, you should check out this guy’s old kickstarter from last year, it’s pretty crazy! Also, he had a mustache!

4. Original art from Josh McCoy of Rhinestone Ronin fame! Josh did a really great pin-up for the All the Growing Things Trade book, and when I saw him at the con, he showed me his “rejected” drawing that he’d done. I think he was going to throw it away or something crazy, but I begged him, and he gave me this piece! I totally owe him two drawings now! I’m terribly indebt to everyone I know.

5. T-shirt from Robo Tarot! I’d wanted this particular shirt since I’d first seen it last fall, but I ended up getting the sand colored “Fool” instead. Which is a good shirt, no doubt, but it’s no blue Emperor shirt!

6. The first Rhinestone Ronin comic, as well as the preview for the second book. I’m just going to throw this out there: the second book has a chainsaw-wielding teddy bear. CHAINSAW. TEDDY BEAR. It’s good.

7. Holy moly, how do I even explain this one? I tend to dread cons in the worst way. There’s something about working your heart out on a comic book and then being ignored by everyone at the con that is just focused on Batman comics. And then… next to our table were two amazing women! The giggled and laughed and had such a great time that they FORCED everyone around them to also have a great time! It was awesome! The created their first book, Sisterhood of the Blood: Origins in something like two weeks. How crazy is that?!

8. Mary Link (artist on Sisterhood of the Blood) makes these badass dada books!  I wish I could show it to you, but it’s a trip! It’s all collaged and hovers on the edge of making complete and total sense!

9. Stephen McCraine writes kids books! Or kid graphic novels! With a kid who’s an inventor, and his dog buddy that he hangs out with all the time! It’s super fun to read, and at the con, all the kids swarmed his booth! He also has a blog that is… far more extensive than I had previously realised!

10. Mary Link (again) Also did these drawings when she’d get bored – she did one of John, and it’s just frigging awesome! (Ben Neb Girven took the photo!)

11 – 13. Speaking of Ben Girven, he and Neil published a Stomping Grounds Ashcan, A sketchbook (I’m so going to copy that idea) and we replaced the Field Guide that I’d previously given to my student!

All in all, it was a good weekend, and I made off with lots of good stuff!

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