100 Ways to Procrastinate!

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Well, only two of them, really.

First thing first: Danielle Miller was kind enough to give me two 8′ x 4′ giant boards to paint on! Me being me (which translates to me being too afraid to paint over the things she’d already painted on them), I stretched canvas over the boards, and then obsessively gessoed and sanded the canvas.

Now the canvas is so pretty I took a picture.

I also thought it’d be fun for you all to see what my studio now looks like. Mind you, I only took a photo of the clean part of the studio, and I carefully made sure you don’t see the floor or any of that stuff either. But I included the dog. Dogs are a vital part of every studio, I think.

Also, I tend to squirt the dog, not as a corrective or behaviour sort of squirt, but rather in the sense of a practical joke. She doesn’t think it’s all that funny but then the victims of practical jokes never do, do they?

Procrastination Number TWO: I’m getting ready to set up a Kickstarter project, and I’m working on some of the rewards:

These are some of the hand-pulled prints I’ll be making. I’m not actually a printer (in the artsy sense) so I really don’t know if they’re called “hand-pulled” or not, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? I guess I could also call them “Organic, Free-Range, Art Items” or something similar. I still need to create a fifth one. Then I’ll test them all out to see if they print alright, and if they don’t I’ll redraw a different one.

If you’re into knowing how things are made, these are actually styrofoam food take-away cartons that I’ve cut down. I then draw on them with a ballpoint pen. I’m trying a new thing where I use a micro pen – I want to see if I can get more detail than I’ve previously been getting. That’s not to say they don’t come out awesome, because they do, but I tend to like to cram as much detail into things as I can.

Hm… I guess that’s THREE ways to procrastinate, now that I think of it, if we count working on this post! Still, I’ve some essays to write for tomorrow, and I’ve two comic pages to draw for tomorrow and Friday.

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