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Patreon Update 17 – Draw!

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…That title is supposed to be a bit of pun between the fact that I’m going to talk about how I can’t really draw guns well, and about… well… drawing. So… I dunno.... READ MORE

Patreon Update 16 – August Already

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I’m not sure how I miscounted, but I did it. So we’re just going to go with what Patreon says is actually update 16, and not quibble over numbers. Goodbye post number 15,... READ MORE

Patreon Update – July 23th 2015

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12 – The Week that Got Away I saw someone else numbering their posts, and I thought that was pretty cool. They’re up to 380 or so! I hope to get there some... READ MORE

Do You Even Videogame?

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So a few weeks ago I had a bizarre conversation with a guy about some of my video game fan art. I couldn’t quite figure out what he was asking until a few... READ MORE