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Patreon Update – July 7 2015

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July 7th’s Patreon update was a little short, but I still want to share it here. It’s neat to see the double page spreads all in one piece, sometimes! I wanted to share... READ MORE

Patreon Update – July 6 2015

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Please consider pledging to my Patreon! And now, on with the update:   I am uncertain if I’m updating too often, and flooding your inboxes with junk email, so I’m thinking of just... READ MORE

Patreon Post June 29 2015

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Super quick Patreon Reminder: You can read all these posts as they become live by donating as little as one dollar to my patreon fund! Every little bit really DOES help! Now, onto... READ MORE

Patreon Update – 6-26-15

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What is Patreon? Seriously, the biggest problem I’m having these days is explaining how awesome Patreon is! And yeah, I’m going to be begging people to go look at my Patreon, but again,... READ MORE

What the heck is Patreon?!

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Hey all! So as those of you on my Newsletter know, I’ve been doing a Patreon. And as I’ve heard from a few of you, the most common response is, “What the heck... READ MORE

Con Season

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I’ve been quietly working on comics over here, mostly Era of Great Wonders. John really wants to get a full graphic novel out this year for it (although, honestly, I’m only 1/3 of... READ MORE