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Con Season

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I’ve been quietly working on comics over here, mostly Era of Great Wonders. John really wants to get a full graphic novel out this year for it (although, honestly, I’m only 1/3 of... READ MORE

What I’ve been upto

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Sorry about the silences on the site, it’s one of those deals where I’m really not paying as much attention to time as I should be. I’ve been sketching and doing layouts for... READ MORE

Pen & Stylus

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Tonight we’re doing another Pen & Stylus podcast, and tonight, we’re interviewing John Myers. (I know that guy!) He’s a bit of an over-achiever, so he put together a pdf with some notes... READ MORE

Garden Age

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I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Age recently, while working on pages for All the Growing Things. This is what happens. While not as pretty as the actual Dragon Age cover, I’m... READ MORE


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I finished working on the cover for Era of Great Wonders, issue #4 yesterday. Shortly after finishing it, (and it took FOREVER to get all those little buildings colored in the way I... READ MORE

Mostly Marketing vs Money

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(I wanted the trifecta of alliteration in the title) The other day at the dojo, one of the ladies asked me, “What is the best way to buy your comic and help support... READ MORE