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Normal Life?

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(Originally posted today at Patreon. There are a TON of posts that I’ve not gotten around to posting over to this site – please feel free to go check them out, if you’re... READ MORE


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Hey! So I chatted with my Patreon supporters, and they’re all cool with me sharing my patreon-only blog with everyone! So I’m going to catch you all up here, and then when that’s... READ MORE

Patreon 28 Update – Out of Town

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Quick update: I’ve been wicked sick (back to back colds, maybe even the same one just super extended?) and I’m now getting ready to head out of town for Viable Paradise, a writing... READ MORE

Patreon Update 17 – Draw!

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…That title is supposed to be a bit of pun between the fact that I’m going to talk about how I can’t really draw guns well, and about… well… drawing. So… I dunno.... READ MORE