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I finished working on the cover for Era of Great Wonders, issue #4 yesterday. Shortly after finishing it, (and it took FOREVER to get all those little buildings colored in the way I... READ MORE

Mostly Marketing vs Money

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(I wanted the trifecta of alliteration in the title) The other day at the dojo, one of the ladies asked me, “What is the best way to buy your comic and help support... READ MORE

Amazon, Smashwords, and Comixology

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I am in the process of converting our comics into ereader friendly comics. The fact that it’s taking me forever to convert webcomic pages into ereader formats is an irony that is not... READ MORE


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I’ve been hesitant to post anything¬† since my hosting provider took my site down on Monday. I have since learned that WordPress multisites tend to be rather CPU intensive, and that some hosting... READ MORE

Wrecked Cars

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So I just posted a new chapter cover for Era of Great Wonders, and I was talking to a friend how I put it all together. Depending on your point of view when... READ MORE

Setup (part5) Finally! ComicPress!

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It’s been so long since I’ve installed ComicPress that I really don’t know how to do it anymore. These days I just copy my stylesheet from one comic into another, and then replace... READ MORE