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Patreon Update 13 – Monday Thoughts

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It could just be Monday, but I’m really not into this page I’ve been working on. The upside is that it’s almost done and I can start working on the next two pages!... READ MORE

Patreon Update – July 23th 2015

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12 – The Week that Got Away I saw someone else numbering their posts, and I thought that was pretty cool. They’re up to 380 or so! I hope to get there some... READ MORE

Do You Even Videogame?

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So a few weeks ago I had a bizarre conversation with a guy about some of my video game fan art. I couldn’t quite figure out what he was asking until a few... READ MORE

Patreon Update – July 16th, 2015

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(Typodblog note: Sometimes I post public stuff at my Patreon blog as well!) Hi all! (I’m leaving this as a public post because the art is on youtube anyways) Instead of doing a... READ MORE

Patreon Update – July 9th

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(Typodmary blog note: I’m still really behind on moving my posts from Patreon to here! Sorry for the delay!) I’ve been trying like crazy to complete as many page spreads as possible a... READ MORE

Patreon Update – July 7 2015

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July 7th’s Patreon update was a little short, but I still want to share it here. It’s neat to see the double page spreads all in one piece, sometimes! I wanted to share... READ MORE